Soda Font is the distinctive new Airstream-housed beverage concept, specializing in soda floats and contemporary soft drink mixology. Located on The Beach opposite JBR, Soda Font’s design fuses sleek steel, outdoor bar stool seating and ‘from the window’ ordering for beach goers and visitors.

Celebrating pop culture Soda Font draws its inspirations from the 1950s when commercial brands and soda fountains moved away from their medicinal beginnings and transformed into a pleasure zone; with soda becoming synonymous with family, friends and good times.

The era saw teen culture and soda go hand-in-hand with a generation of kids coming of age with a soda in their hand – rimmed with sugar, built with syrup, and topped with ice-cream. Sodas were big, bold and unashamed and Soda Font on The Beach brings back the delicious decadence and unadulterated fun!

Soda Font is a further addition to the vibrant home grown concept portfolio of the city, reflecting the spirit and ambitions of Dubai and the GCC.